Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Music for the Soul

Something you might find interesting about me is that by late August, I am already thinking about the upcoming Christmas season. More specifically, I am already launching my Christmas music play-list in my computer media player. I can listen to Christmas music for months. Not the music that you hear non-stop on the radio the day after Thanksgiving, but the more quiet, contemplative stuff – acoustical guitar music mostly.

The other day, I came across a little music player that fits into the Blogger format. I’m trying it out. I like it, but, some of the song selections only play just a short 30 second clip from the whole song. Consider it a teaser. If you have about 20 minutes of listening time, head over to a newly created page that host some of my favorite Christmas songs by some of my favorite artist. I’d dare say that some of this music and artist – you’ve never heard before.


Enjoy, and I hope this helps to put you into the Christmas Spirit!

If you’d like the link to add this to your blogger site as well, the link is found here:

Add iLike music to your Blogger site found here.

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  1. check out my nephew's Christian music. Dave LeMieux is featured on YouTube with the Colorado Street Choir he directs. His is a music minister at his church. I am so proud of his work. I want to say I enjoy your seed packets on Dave's Garden pages. Nice work Paul! Hope to hear from you. Annie