Thursday, December 11, 2008


Reports out just this week confirm that the U.S. has plans to increase its troop presence in Afghanistan as early as this summer. In fact, building construction is already underway in preparation for housing the expected 20,000 individual military troops. In a "change of strategy" admission by the U.S., Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that the new plan under the new president will be to "build up the Afghan army and better cooperate with Kabul on security operations." The U.S. emphasizes that its plan is to "work with" the Afghan country as a partner. This surge in troops is comparable to the rather successful one which had been implemented in Iraq this past year. A key plan for the U.S. in Afghanistan is to increase the size of the Afghan army and police, and that the U.S. forces would be there to train, support, and provide leadership and experience. To sum up what the U.S.’s plans in Afghanistan are to be would be to provide leverage. Most of the U.S. believes that without this leverage, the results in Afghanistan would be very undesirable.

When I hear the word Leverage, I immediately think of a strong and powerful word which conjures up thoughts of moving large boulders or any other insurmountable object in one’s way. A very early quote that I appreciate is this: "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world." Archimedes (287–212 BC)

Leverage is defined as a mechanical advantage. It could also mean to act effectively by using available tools to your advantage. Or also, to increase output more efficiently by use of a mechanical tool. Also, to provide support by giving something useful or necessary, to supplement what is lacking. Without the advantage of leverage, some tasks simply could not be completed.

In our Christian life, we too can benefit from the advantage of leverage. And I believe that we can get this advantage in various ways. Jesus told his apostles that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit and that the H.S. would give them words to speak. The apostles were fearful of their impending arrest and did not know what they were going to say. But Jesus told them to not be afraid; that they were going to be strengthened – or leveraged by the Holy Spirit. Mark 13:11

Jesus himself was leveraged by his Father God, and also by the Holy Spirit. Just after Jesus was baptized by John, the Father God spoke, and the Holy Spirit came down as a Dove. Those who stood around saw and heard the miraculous event and had no doubt in their minds that Jesus was the son of God. His claim of who he was, was leveraged by these infallible proofs. Luke 3:22

Can we also be leveraged by the Holy Spirit today? Yes. I believe this is plainly taught in the Bible. First of all, the Bible teaches that all spiritual blessings are found “in Christ” not “outside Christ”. See Galatians 3:14, Ephesians 1:3, Romans 3:24, Romans 6:23, Romans 8:1, Romans 8:11, Romans 8:39, Romans 12:5. Apostle Peter described to the 1st century crowd in Jerusalem just how to get into Christ in Acts 2:38. Once in Christ, God will fill us with His spirit, Romans 15:13 and work and move through us for great things.

I must realize that the troubles and struggles I face daily cannot be overcome by me and me alone. I must be leveraged or strengthened some how. But how? God, our faithful father wants to bless us. He wants us to depend on him - Psalms 62:8. He wants us to ask for His help - Luke 11:13.

Another great way for His people to be leveraged is to help and support each other. One of my favorite passages on this subject is when Jesus told Peter this before his betrayal and arrest. Luke 22:32. Jesus told Peter that he prayed for him. What a great way to show your support to your fellow brother. When someone tells me this, it carries me for days. But Jesus didn’t stop there. Jesus told Peter once he retuned to “strengthen your brothers.” When Peter wrote his first epistle to the churches throughout Asia and beyond, he ended his letter with a prayer to the Christians in those churches in this verse, he says: 1 Peter 5:10

I hope that the Lord will use me to leverage others, and I hope the same for you dear reader. God bless.

I’d love to hear your comments, so please feel free to write and encourage me and others by your words.

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  1. Paul - Great post, I pray that we become "crowbars" for God!