Friday, October 24, 2008

The Best Substitute for Me

Duck tape is a great substitute for Glue or Nails. Tofu is a great substitute for Meat. Olive Oil is a great substitute for Butter. A healthy smoothie is a great substitute for a traditional fatty meal. Yogurt is a great substitute for cream. Pasta is a great substitute for Rice. There are substitutes for Sugar, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Stone, Wood, Glass, and Fiber. There are substitutes for practically most anything. What used to be the real thing, is now a cheaper, healthier, more efficient counterfeit.

However, I want to remind myself that there is one substitute that can be replaced by nothing else. There is no one else or nothing else that can save me - except Jesus Christ my Lord. When it comes time to stand in judgment before God Almighty, I will not be able to stand there, had it not been for the One who took my place. In my place, Jesus was scorned, was rejected, was filled with sorrow, and was caused to suffer. For my sake, He was alienated, looked down upon, and shown no respect. He went through and suffered things that I should have suffered because of my sin. He bore the pain and agony that was meant for me. He was beaten, mocked, and crucified because I had sinned. He was punished because of what I had done. He carried my judgment and condemnation, so that I wouldn't have to. Because of this great substitute, I am redeemed and forgiven. I am cleansed and healed and made whole again. Not only did Jesus take on my sins, He took on the sins of the world - for everyone! He has made many people Holy because of what He went through. He was punished for our sins. Because Jesus took on the sins of everyone, because He was willing to stand there, in place of me and of you, He will be rewarded. And the good news for me and for you is that because the price has already been paid on our behalf, we will also be rewarded if we are faithful. [paraphrased from Isaiah 53]
I must make no mistake, that this sacrifice – this pain and suffering that was made on my behalf is a "free pass" that allows me to live as I choose. Not at all! This sacrifice was offered to me, if I believe and have faith that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that He alone can save me. I do not want to change the topic, but to say that we must have faith.

Romans 1:16-18
Romans 5:1-2

Am I Listening To What God Is Saying In His Word?

Your comments about your own experiences are welcome.

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