Friday, April 25, 2008

Boys, Get A Rope.

Examine the picture for a moment, and then think on these things:

Rope can be bendable, stiff, soft, brittle, strong, or weak. Rope can be stretchy, can sink or float, can burn or is fire resistant, can tangle and fray. Rope can be used for good or for bad. Rope can be used to bind or to loosen. Rope can be used to kill or to set free. Rope can be used to move objects or to restrain objects. Rope can be used to rescue or to abandon. Rope can be used to trip or to snare us. Good rope is made up of many strands. Bad rope is made up of few strands. Rope can be rugged and take a lot of punishment, but also benefits from care.

When the life of someone you care about or the security of all your worldly possessions depends on the integrity of a rope, it's better to have a strong, dependable rope that's in good shape and care, rather than relying on an old, worn, brittle, frayed rope. Take care of your rope, and it will take care of you.

I met with several of my Christian brothers last night as we were all 'tied up' discussing several issues that tend to bind us up, that 'trip' us in our Christian walk. I've heard it said before, and felt it was relevant. So I reminded the guys that when we're together, we are much stronger than we are when we're alone. When we're at work, in our office, at school, out to eat, anywhere that we can name where we are alone or away from our Christian influences, we can become tempted and be 'tripped' up so much more easily than when we're 'bound' together.

Think of our lives, our purpose, our responsibilities toward each other, and I'm reminded of our group as being like a rope. Guys, we're tied and wound up together in this Christian life. Separately, we're weak. But together, we're strong. We can handle so many things together, that would absolutely destroy us when we're apart. Take it further, and our group could be only a small portion of the larger rope. As you've already read, and seen and studied the picture, Rope is made up of many single strands of thread called yarn, which are in turn twisted together into larger strands, which are in turn twisted into larger strands called Rope. When one single strand is broken, the other strands help to carry the load. Our lives should be the same way. When we're hurting, we need to let our brothers know, so that we can help to carry the load. And together, we can pull ourselves out of any situation. Together, we can pull down any walls. Together, we can lift anyone up from out of the pit. Together, we can bind up the devil; we can tie him up to a tree. Together, we can loosen the strangle-hold of hate we have for others by learning to become soft and bendable. Together, we can pull the rocks and trees and stumbling blocks that are before us. But apart, we can do nothing.

Let's take care of what we have brothers. Let us nurture it, care for it, untangle it, straighten it, and soften it. More than that, let us add to it by tying more and more to us, so that we can continue to grow and become even stronger. Think of all the people you know who are by themselves. Let us help to save them. Let us give them the chance to make it - together.


  1. Hey Paul,
    Another good thought you share here. I appreciate your post keep up the good work. Carl

  2. Well put Brother...Ecc. 4:12 says a strand of three cords is not easily true that our strength comes in our relationships with each other.