Friday, May 23, 2008

Many times in deep despair,
I go to God in fervant prayer.

Lord, I ask why it's been so hard?
I've been trying you, Son. Trying you hard.

Lord, I ask did I pass the test?
You've done well, but not your best.

Lord, I ask what You'd have me do.
Study to show thyself approved.

Lord, I ask please help keep me safe.
You must obey Me and increase your Faith.

Lord, I said, it's so hard to cope.
You will survive if you also have Hope.

Lord, I thank You for blessings from above.
Show me you're glad by showing others Love.

Lord, I thank you for your most righteous Son.
He's your Saviour, your brother; yes He is the One.

Lord, I thank you for your Mercy and Grace.
Just keep running son, finish the race.

Lord, I thank you for your holy Kingdom.
You will be rewarded in the end, when He comes.

Lord, I thank you for blessing us with your own Word.
You must share it with others, with all of the world.

Lord, please bless me and watch me each day.
I have, and nothing will harm you come what may.

Lord, please forgive me when I fail thee each day.
Always get back up Son, and follow the way.

Lord, I pray for my friends who have also been down.
Your prayers have been heard, but I'll not answer now.

Lord, bless me tonight as I lay down my head.
Remember there are others who do not have a bed.

Lord, in the morning please wake me again.
If I do, then arise, give thanks and begin.

It's through Your Son's name that I ask all these things.
He's your Lord, your Saviour, He's King of All Kings.


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