Saturday, March 1, 2008

God's Love is available to All

I have a Saturday ritual that I look forward to each week -- as long as it's not cloudy and raining. The night before, I make sure the coffee pot is set, so that the next morning I can get up early and sit on my back porch just as the sun is starting to rise. I love the quiet times with no one around, before the world wakes up in my own little back yard. It is definitely a reflective time when I can clear my thoughts, reflect on the events of the week, and think about what's to come. It is also a time in which I go to God in prayer -- thanking him for His beautiful creation in which I am currently enjoying. Give God the glory for His creation is marvelous! His blessings are beyond my comprehension. I often times feel guilty that He has blessed me more than approximately 80-90% of the rest of the world. Try this site and you'll see: (

The night before, I had stepped out to my bird feeders to fill them up in preparation for the day ahead. Most of the times, the early birds get to my feeders even before I can get up, so I wanted to have everything ready for them. I forgot to offer them food the whole day before, so I wanted to make it up to them by having a nice amount ready for a new day.

As I got up early Saturday morning, got dressed and poured myself some coffee, I was looking forward to the nice calm quiet morning. The birds are used to my coming and going and so it never bothered them of my entrance into their world. I took my seat and sat my coffee down and relaxed and watched and listened. This is one of the highlights of my week.

Then the thought entered my mind as I started thanking God for the morning and for His creation, of what I was witnessing. I was witnessing an example of God's love -- right there in front of me. The bible uses examples of God's creation all the time. I can think of many examples of how we as God's creation are compared to sheep. But what God was saying to me this morning is a little simple story about the little birds that I was watching.

God had prepared a glorious creation. Every intricate little detail, some of which have yet to be discovered. God had created mankind in His own image. God had made a way so that mankind could be saved. His way is available to all -- given freely with love for us. If we choose to accept His love, and act on that love, we will be saved and will have a place in heaven with Him.

Just as I had put some bird seed out for my expectant birds the night before, God had made a way for us to come to Him. Just as some birds chose to come and partake, we make a choice to accept His love and pattern. Some come to Him, while others just sit and watch. Some accept the gift, while others reject it. Some feed from Him abundantly, while others only take a pinch. Some go and tell others about His offer, while others keep it to themselves. Some are so overjoyed at the gift that they cannot help themselves to sing out loud His praises. Some are quiet.

As I continued to watch all the pretty birds, suddenly some big ugly birds came to the feast. I did not like that. I wanted the big ugly birds to go away. I shuffled around to disturb their presence. They were startled and flew away. Wait a minute. Does God scare His creation away? No, I don't believe He does. Who was I to choose who could partake. I repented and waited silently. The big ugly birds came back and I sat still. They too enjoyed the free gift. God's love is available for ALL.

God's teachings are wonderful. Such a simple lesson if I could only be still and watch. Isn't is amazing how God teaches us? We read and study His word and He speaks to us in amazing ways. He shows us His will if we search for it.

My prayer is that we will be still and silent and listen to God's voice. That we will give God the glory in all that happens. This is God's creation, and there is so much for us to learn if we will allow Him to teach us. My prayer is that every day, we will realize our responsibility that God's love is for all. We are not to choose who should receive God's love, but we should go out and tell everyone of God's loving gift -- God's plan for mankind. Go and tell, and leave the rest up to God. Some will accept God's love, while others will reject it. God's message is so simple.

Are you listening to what God is saying in His Word?

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  1. Paul,

    What you are saying here is so awesome and the way you put it makes it so plain. So many times we take credit for everything, but just as you so eloquently put it, IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF GOD. Sometimes I feel like that ugly bird, but you know what Christ died for me too.

    Thanks For the Message